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Coffee + Beer + Community ||| Simon + Rob + Jake


Simon is eccentric and quirky and that spills into everything he does. His personality shines through even the smallest of cracks. To say that brewing has become a passion might be using the word too lightly, as others may see it as an obsession.


Rob is a MacGyver when it comes to making and creating. The love for the handmade, and the determination to produce the best possible product, even if it means more work, is what makes Rob's beer so good.


Jake is an artist with a head for business. His passion is for creating, whether that be in a current design, a photograph, a painting or a well crafted coffee drink. Making a living from art is not easy, and in that hustle he also fell in love with business.

Currently at the shop

We are currently hard at work finishing up construction. Follow along with us as we figure this whole thing out. We've got a lot of images hitting our Instagram feed and Facebook pages, as well as a blog in development. Choose your own adventure.